This is the first step to learn BodySignals.Online Detoxifying Healthy Lifestyle (DHLS) at intermediate level.

CESAR is the service of Etiological Consultation of Symptoms of Annulus Rheumaticus (Rheumatic Rings) and is used by people who have read Dr. Moreno’s “DHLS Basic level” free eBook. Please download it here.

The CESAR service helps you to know which metabolisms, organs and systems require your timely attention and the level of risk of possible sudden onset of chronic degenerative conditions.
This service also allows you to learn “DHLS Intermediate level” with a very modest investment to support you in these moments of illness and pandemics created in the laboratory.

To use the CESAR service, fill out the symptoms form and in the last question about “What Service Do you want to use” select CESAR and send it. Dr. Moreno will contact you to give you additional information. Access the AR Symptom Form here.

If you just want more information, contact Dr. Omar Moreno by text message on WhatsApp or Telegram at +507 6841-2312

We look forward to helping you achieve the success that this new moment in human history requires and in which “DHLS Intermediate Level” can assist you.

The DHLS team