Adapt To The New Normality Era By Naturally Shielding Your Body And That Of Your Family Against Diseases, Pandemics And Vaccines

Remember that your body is like a house 🏘️ and your lifestyle makes it a STRAW or IRON 🧱 house.

Dr. Omar Moreno ND, AF, IMI founder of DHLS indicates that if you practice a wrong lifestyle you will turn your body into a HOUSE OF STRAW 🌿 and it will be more likely to be destroyed by the fire 🔥 of the pandemic; however, if you learn and practice a Detoxifying and Healthy Lifestyle (DHLS) you will make it a HOUSE OF IRON🏘️ whose powers of self-healing and self-shielding will help you survive in the face of the current and future pandemic fires..

There are 2 types of shielding or protection against pandemics and the harmful effects of vaccines: Partial External and Complete External-Internal.

  • BASIC EXTERNAL SHIELD: the one obtained when non-detoxifying food, dietary supplements and external therapies are used that will limitedly help you in this pandemic because they do not remove the cause of the disease or the immune weaknesses. DHLS Basic level is the gateway to the world of total control over your life, your health and that of your family.
  • COMPLETE EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL SHIELDING: This type of complete shielding is the one offered by DHLS Intermediate and Superior level because it involves the use of psychosomatic control Therapies, supplemental detoxifying nutrition, metabolic extractor-regulator of cellular rheumatic rings —causing cytokines storms and many diseases of today— as well as humoral alkalization and release of the body’s 6 detoxifying channels to assist you in treating existing diseases, shielding you against premature genetic diseases, present and future pandemics, and harmful effects of vaccines . If what you want is complete protection; This is the way to follow.

SHIELD your body and your immune-circulatory system 💪 🛡️ 🙂 🛡️ 👍 is your best solution.

Detoxifying Healthy Lifestyle (DHLS) helps you achieve this through 3 comfortable progressive levels of Detoxification, Removal of damaging Rheumatic Rings (RA) —excessive uric acid in tissues, not in blood that damages your cells— and COMPLETE SHIELD against diseases premature deaths, pandemics and vaccine damage through digital books that you can share with your family 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂:

DHLS Basic Level: it is the gateway to DHLS, detoxification and basic body shielding. It does not produce significant healing crises, it is gentle and easy to practice for the general public.

DHLS Intermediate Level (1): initiates the gradual process of 🧹progressive detoxification, effective extraction of ⭕ rheumatic rings and 💪🏻🛡️🙂 intermediate metabolic and immune-circulatory shielding against pandemics.
If you become infected while practicing DHLS level 1, this level gives you better protection against damage caused by CoViD19 and a better probability of faster recovery. It should be clarified that the infected person should consider following the instructions of their doctor and the health authorities of their country.

DHLS Superior Level (2): enhances the 🧹🧹body and immune-circulatory detoxification process, more powerful extraction of ⭕⭕ rheumatic rings and provides the maximum degree of 💪🏻🛡️🛡️🙂🛡️🛡️ shielding against current and future general diseases and pandemics at the metabolic, immune and circulatory level, thereby reducing the likelihood of damage from dangerous cytokine storms and adverse effects of vaccines.
If you become infected while practicing DHLS level 2, this level gives you maximum protection – higher than the previous level – against damage caused by CoViD19, against the harmful effects of drugs and vaccines, and maximum probability of rapid recovery.

You should always start at DHLS Basic level. You can download the free eBook below and use it for at least 15-30 days to make the gradual enhancement process comfortable for your body.

Calculate how much time and money do you spend every month on medical consultations, medicines and therapies? DHLS program can help you reduce these expenses or prevent them.

In case you want to increase the process of 🧹detoxification, extraction of ⭕ AR and 🛡️ Shielding against diseases and pandemics, you only need to acquire, learn and practice the DHLS Intermediate level digital book. If you have doubts, you can use the Text-Consultation, in English or Spanish, by WhatsApp or Telegram at +507 6841-2312

Blíndate Why Practice DHLS To Fully Protect Yourself Against Diseases And Pandemics?

There are many reasons to protect yourself against premature disease, pandemics, and the damaging effects of drugs and pandemics.

  • SELF-DEFENSE FOR COMPLETE ANTI-PANDEMIC SHIELD. The SARS-Cov2 pandemic known as CoViD19 presents elements that suggest that it was a human creation through the manipulation of a natural virus in a laboratory that has arrived to create a “permanent and harmful” change for human life.
    This change, – like the business of computer viruses and antivirus -, is an activity that some elite groups want to impose to facilitate a new world order that benefits a few at the cost of the sacrifice of millions of people globally, seizing with it of the control of their lives and that of their future generations.
    With DHLS you have for yourself, your family, your closest friends, your collaborators and your future generations a natural alternative to “regain control of their lives” at the family, academic, social and work level.
  • UNDERSTAND THE SYMPTOMS THAT YOUR BODY SENDS TO YOU. Each symptom is an alarm message that warns you that your body needs help in some way. Just as your car’s seat belt alarm warns you that you should have it fastened when you drive it or the fuel alarm warns you when your car is running out of fuel; your body alerts you through its symptoms that it requires help in some aspect of its metabolism. DHLS teaches you to understand these messages so that you can attend to them in a timely manner before they become serious illness.
  • HELP YOU PREVENT, CONTROL, REDUCE OR ELIMINATE CONDITIONS AND DISCOMFORT THROUGH THE PRACTICE OF DHLS PROTOCOLS. Among the conditions that you can help treat are Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, General fatigue, High cholesterol, Menstrual cramps, Depression, Pain, Constipation, Stress, Fibromyalgia, Gastritis, Gout, Hypertension, Viral infections, pandemic or not, Insomnia, Migraines, Heart complaints, Osteoporosis, Itching, Overweight and more.
  • REDUCE THE PREMATURE DETERIORATION OF YOUR BODY AND HEALTH THAT OCCUR OVER THE YEARS and which are more evident when your age is multiple of 5, 6 and 7. That is, in ages like 18, 20, 24, 25, 28, 30, 35, 35, 36, 42, 45, 48, 49, 50 … and so on.
  • REJUVENATE YOURSELF, INCREASE YOUR VITALITY AND ACADEMIC-WORK PERFORMANCE by improving your skin’s abilities to stay young and healthy, your energy levels, memory and desirable job skills.
  • MAKE BETTER HEALTH DECISIONS by learning natural health information that the orthodox health media does not report to you for reasons far from humanitarianism.
  • IMPROVE THE MANAGEMENT OF YOUR INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY HERITAGE since it saves you many expenses for unnecessary diseases, medications and avoidable procedures and optimizes your opportunity costs.
  • GIVE INHERITANCE, TO YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN, OF BETTER HEALTH, BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE, HAPPINESS AND COMPLETE PROTECTION OF LIFE because the most valuable thing you can pass on to your future generations is culture, education and the opportunity to survive in an increasingly polluted and pandemic.


I invite you to make the best free investment (yes, as you read … free) of your life by downloading the free DHLS Basic eBook. IF YOU LEARN AND PRACTICE DHLS YOU WILL NOT LOSE ANYTHING AND IF YOU LOSE SOMETHING IT WILL BE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS, OVERWEIGHT AND ILLNESSES because your life depends on what you do to take care of what God has given you; your body, your spirit, your mind, your life and the blessings that accompany it so that you can be happy 💪 🛡️ 🙂 🛡️ 👍.
Before reading this e-book, I invite you to see this very short user guide in 4 easy steps.
Download your DHLS Basic Level eBook with pandemic shielding at this link.

If you have doubts and want to ask, don’t be embarrassed … The purpose of Dr. Omar Moreno ND, founder of DHLS, is to help you and your loved ones to successfully overcome this new global pandemic stage in human life. Contact him by text message via WhatsApp or Telegram by sending your name, surname and your question to +507 6841-2312 from any country, in Spanish or English.

This is a unique time of great tribulation in the history of mankind. We must all get involved in protecting ourselves and our neighbors. Support this campaign of universal love by promoting this page and the free digital book on your social networks. Copy this link, share it and give happiness and blessings to other neighbors.

Before reading this e-book, I invite you to see this very short user guide in 4 easy steps.
Download your DHLS Basic Level eBook with pandemic shielding at this link.

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