Detoxifying Healthy Lifestyle (DHLS) can help you regain the energy, health, harmony and happiness you once had

Detoxifying Healthy Lifestyle (DHLS) is a program based on the Pentalogy of the human being (feelings, thoughts, behavior, body and environment) that teaches you information of an elective educational nature to help you:

  • know your body and Annulus Rheumatics (AR) —excessive uric acid accumulated in cells that damages them if they are not controlled— through the symptoms that these AR produce which are requests for help that you should attend early to avoid premature serious diseases,
  • recover and strengthen the self-healing and self-protective power of your body in order to assist you in the control, reduction or elimination of symptoms such as those you will see below.
  • learn information that helps you make better health decisions for you and yours, becoming the true architecture of your destination of health, vitality, happiness, good quality of life and longevity that you need so much.

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DHLS properly practiced can help you solve almost all your health problems and extend your life expectancy.

Diseases and symptoms that you can help solve with DHLS

Your symptoms are alarm messages that your body sends you asking for your attention. They are like the alarm of the seat belts of your car or the fire alarm of a building, they sound so that you know that you must attend something that requires your urgent attention. The symptoms are not bad; the bad thing is not paying attention to them in a timely manner.
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Your body will warn you for a while with one or more symptoms that something is wrong and needs your attention; However, if you don’t pay attention to it and you don’t give it a solution, it is very likely that it will stop warning you, giving way to a more serious condition that can generate a negative prognosis.
It is convenient that you keep a control every 30 to 60 days of your symptoms and take the appropriate measures to care for them and prevent future illnesses.
Use the free symptom form on this link that you can fill out from your smartphone, tablet or PC in less than 30 minutes. It will be the 30 minutes that you have invested the best in your life because it will help you to really know your body.

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These are the symptoms that DHLS can help you resolve:

___Heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux
___Numbness in hands, arms, or legs upon waking in the morning
___Drowsiness, cramping, tingling, or heaviness in extremities
___Agitation from exercise, when climbing stairs of 2 stories or hills or you get tired quickly when walking
___When sleeping, sleep talk, sleepwalking, unfounded fears
___Allergies to dust or odors, eyes, sneezes, skin, nose, throat
___Angina pectoris: discomfort in the arm, chest and neck General anxiety
__ Anxiety about food
___Clench your jaws or grinding your teeth when sleeping Burning sensation under the skin anywhere on the body

___Excessive hair loss Tiredness when getting up in the morning
___General tiredness during the day
___Paranasal congestion, rhinitis or sinusitis

___Weakness in arms and legs or lack of strength in hands to open jars
___Weakness or failure in ankle or knee joints that makes you unbalance when walking or causes you to fall
___Depression, reluctance, sadness for no reason
___Peeling or dry skin on the palms of your hands and soles of your feet if you don’t apply skin cream
___Imbalance when walking, which makes you go sideways
___Diabetes controlled with pills Slow digestion
___Erectile dysfunction – flaccid or no erection
___Decreased libido or lack of sexual desire
___Emotional dyspnea – you feel short of breath when angry or stressed
___Dyspnea for no reason – feeling short of breath for no reason
___Joint pain

___Static electricity – happens to you when you touch objects or people
___Chills or being chilly
___Sneeze frequently when you get up in the morning
___Constipation – you have a bowel movement once every two days or more

___Brownish vaginal discharge between periods or at the end of menstruation
___Hot flash, feeling of fever or hot body or limbs, burning under the skin
___Capillary fragility, bruises on your thighs and you don’t remember hitting yourself
___Hoarseness, tonsillitis, dysphonia, choking when swallowing, you choke on your saliva, you feel something stuck in your throat
___Gases in the chest towards the heart
___Excess gas by mouth or anus
___Gases that move or sound in your intestine, winnowing or abdominal distention when eating

___Loose stools – loose or watery stools
___Hemorrhoids, blood in stools, discomfort or burning in the anus, stool pellets
___Fatty liver
___Recurrent vaginal infection
___Recurrent viral infections of any nature
___Insomnia, it is difficult for you to fall asleep when you go to bed or if you wake up in the morning it is difficult for you to go back to sleep
___Irritability, you get angry easily whether you control it or not
___Excessive lacrimation, tears come out of your eyes for no reason

___Light or dark spots on your skin
___Hard or stiff hands when waking up in the morning
___Dizziness or vertigo
___Bad memory, you forget what you were calling for or what you were going to do / look for
___Irregular menstruation or menstrual cramps
___Poor calcium metabolism
___Lower, middle or upper abdomen discomfort
___Discomfort when eating fat
___Discomfort when sleeping – startle or restless sleep or nightmares or dreaming a lot or feeling that you are falling out of bed, into the abyss, into a hole or talking asleep or feeling fears without reason or premonitions
___Appendix discomfort
___Head discomfort (pains, migraines, pumping, sensation of smoke)
___Lateral hip, thigh joint, and hip discomfort
___Discomfort in the back hip, where the buttocks begin
___Discomfort in the face (pain, swelling, itching, etc.)
___Discomfort in the waist
___Elbow discomfort
___Heart discomfort, throbbing, pain, tightness, gas, tachycardia, change of rhythm
___Rib discomfort
___Neck discomfort
___Discomfort in fingers or toes
___Upper, middle, or lower back discomfort
___Shoulder discomfort
___Hassle on hand
___Mastoid discomfort (area behind the ears)
___Wrist discomfort
___Discomfort in various muscles
___Discomfort in ears
___Discomfort in eyes
___Shoulder blade discomfort
___Ovarian discomfort or menstrual cramps
___Foot discomfort when getting up in the morning or when standing for a short time
___Skin discomfort
___Leg discomfort
___Knee discomfort
___Breast discomfort – pulling, stinging, burning, or cysts
___Ankle discomfort
___Discomfort in vagina
___Urinary discomfort, burning when urinating, stream of urine is in the form of a shower, stream split in two, thin stream, frequent small amount of urine, urinate a lot at night, urge to urinate if you drink some water, very yellow urine frequently or clear like water, incontinence if you don’t urinate right away or if you cough or laugh, feeling of not emptying your bladder after urinating

___Ear itches, buzzes, whistles, hurts, hearing problems, you do not understand when someone speak to you in your language
___Eyes prick, hurt, sting, burn, sudden sensation that does not exist
___Dry eyes
___Osteoporosis or osteopenia
___Perineum, (area between testicles and anus) itches or feels discomfort there
___Itchy skin or vagina
___Skin with pimples or irritations
___Dry skin
___Gastroesophageal reflux
___Dryness in mouth, lips, nose, throat
___Vaginal dryness Failed colds – you feel like you are going to catch a cold when you wake up in the morning, but it goes away as the hours of the day go by
___Frequent colds – more than two a year
___Snore hard

___Bitter or strange taste in the mouth when waking up or during the day
___Saliva in excess or acid
___You sweat your head and neck a lot during the day or when you sleep
___You sweat your hands and feet
___You sweat little or nothing
___Tremors in extremities
___Joint creaking in various joints
___Nails are weak, break easily or grow little or little at all
___Thin or thick varicose veins
___Varicose veins that hurt or itch

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You can know your body through your symptoms by filling out the Symptom Form at this link.
For more information contact Dr. Omar Moreno ND.
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