1. As a Enhanced Daily Healthy Lifestyle (E-DHLS) in harmony with your human nature to relax, entertain yourself, have more knowledge with greater self-confidence, more comprehensive success and a better quality of life. For this purpose, anyone without distinction of race, sex, education or economic level can learn and teach it.
  2. As a Therapeutic Detoxifying Healthy Lifestyle (T-DHLS). To become an Instructor of this modality you need to be a health professional.

The important thing is that in both modalities you are fulfilling a life mission of helping other people and at the same time you can have an additional income for your teaching work without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Here you will find people who are promoters or authorized public instructors of DHLS.

Do you want to become a private or public DHLS Sponsor or Instructor?
Learn DHLS Basic, level 1 &2 practicing each level to the best of your ability, get the excellent results you want, and then you can become a sponsor or instruct others in E-DHLS basic level and level 1. Help other people improve their lives.
This can give a particularly humanitarian sense to your life, happiness, and additional income.

Do you want to know the body signals that it sends to you asking for attention?
Complete the RDSF (Symptom Form) and begin the path to understanding your body language and to happiness by serving others to help them regain control of their lives. CESAR will help you with this task. Meet CESAR by clicking here.

Once you become a Private DHLS promoter (Sponsor or Instructor) you will be certified and authorized to teach DHLS basic and/or first level to anyone. Your personal data and picture will not be shown in our website. You can be confident that you are privately improving their lifes and at the same time getting and extra income for you teaching effort.

If you decide to be a Public DHLS Promoter or Instructor, your photo, your achievements and your certification as such will be in our website to support you in your teaching work.
The choice is yours and the satisfaction in helping others is well worth the effort. Congratulations!

PUBLIC DHLS SPONSOR OR INSTRUCTOR data will be shown this way in our website.

Your Name and Surname here.
Your Title here: Bachelor/Eng/Dr/Mgtr. DHLS SPONSOR or INSTRUCTOR.
Your City and Country here.
Your Mobile with WhatsApp or Telegram
Your Email:
Languages: the languages that you master well.
With this information your students will contact you to request the course.

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He will reply to you as soon as possible.

Dr. Omar Moreno ND
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Get Your Life Under Control Again With Detoxifying Healthy LifeStyle (DHLS)

Do you want to learn DHLS to regain control of your body and your health against diseases and pandemics?

This is quite easy to do:
1- Download the DHLS free basic level ebook and exercise it for 30 days. After that time, if you have followed it carefully, you will see that some of your health problems have decreased or disappeared and you will have more energy. It’s time to take it to the next level in DHLS.

2- Acquire and exercise the DHLS intermediate level (level 1) eBook for 30 days. After that time, if you have followed it carefully, you will see that other persistent health problems have decreased or disappeared, and you will have more happiness. It is time to advance to the next level of DHLS and share your great experience with friends and family.

3- Acquire DHLS Superior level (level 2) eBook and exercise it for 30 days. After this time, if you have followed it well, you will see that other persistent health problems have diminished or disappeared, and you will have regained control of your body and your health in a significant way. The time has arrived to share DHLS with your family and friends.

If you would like assistance, contact your sponsor, instructor in your country or Dr. Moreno as instructed in this webpage. We are here to help.