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To request any of our services, the first step is to acquire the DDHLS course and to read it thoroughly. You can share this course with family members who live with you in the same household, however the services are individual (one service per subscriber).

One-to-One Services
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DDHLS Course -Onetime payment
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US$49.99 / US$199.99
Six (6) Questions Chat service (1, 2)1st is Free / US$60.00 the next
NATURAL HINTS(3) – report only (no chat) (1)1st is Free / US$60.00 the next
CESAR (4) – report only (no chat) (1)US$39.99 / US$80.00
CESAR – report + Live chat (1)US$89.99 / US$180.00

1 The special limited offer is valid for the first 50 subscribers of each month in any language. Once the limited offer reaches the maximum limit in the current month, the offer will not be valid for the rest of the month and the offer forms will be temporarily disabled; they will be enabled again early next month. These conditions may change without notice.

2 Make sure you read the DDHLS manual well and write down the questions that arise from that reading so that you can get the most out of this Chat offer.

3 NATURAL HINTS. To use this service, you fill out and submit a symptomatic form – it takes less than 9 minutes to do so – which allows you to receive natural advice from Dr. Moreno to support you against the conditions of your choice in order to help you improve your health in a natural and comprehensive way.. This service does not replace the consultation with your family doctor, nor your medications or other therapies. If you have health problems, visit your GP or your nearest hospital..

4 CESAR stands for Consultation of the Etiology of the Symptoms of the Annulus Rheumaticus. This service allows you to know which organs, metabolism and systems of your body (the probable cause of your symptoms) are being affected by Annulus Rheumaticus and require your immediate attention.